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 Auto Dealers Exchange opened its modern facility Wednesday, July 18, 1979. In the period of its operation, ADE has grown to its current, status as one of the country's most outstanding, privately-owned automobile auctions.  It is a distinct pleasure to welcome you to ADE's auction facility. It is our purpose to provide you with efficient, courteous and profitable services week after week in the most professional manner posible. May we, ADE, offer a sincere "Thank You" for the opportunity to demonstrate our motto of ...






Auto auctions have a proven history of being the best and most profitable way to merchandise used car inventories. Thirty- and 60-day units can only cost you time, space and most of all, money. Each dealer must mainatin his own retail market and the auto auction is the best and fastest way of disposing of units that do not move in his market area, but may be prime merchandise for another. 


Two bids on a vehicle are always better than one - however, at our auction, your merchandise is exposed to a weekly contingent of 1,000-1,500 prospective bidders. And if you find yourself short of inventory - where else can you go and observe over 2,600 vehicles available for sale all at one location? Selection and availability are the keys to automotive merchandising.


Let us help you. Action is the answer, and we are "where the action is." We feel ... this is as much your business and facility as it is ours.




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